Coming Soon, Chanalyzer for Android

We love Chanalyzer. After all, it takes data collected from our Wi-Spy USB spectrum analyzer and provides a real-time visualization of wireless environments that’s easy-to-use and understand. Without Chanalyzer, RF is well … invisible.

The geeks in the Code Kitchen have begun working in earnest on an Android version of Chanalyzer. Yep – Chanalyzer for Android! Just plug a Wi-Spy into your USB host-enabled 3.2 or higher Android device and begin collecting and viewing spectrum data in Density and Waterfall View on the fly, from anywhere.

Plus, you can record the data collected on your Android device and export it – allowing you to fully analyze your findings later and build reports with Chanalyzer Pro at your desk. The app will conveniently save your recordings to Dropbox (or other popular file sharing applications). Chanalyzer for Android will be super-easy to use, scan, save, and get your Wi-Spy spectrum analysis files off to wherever you ultimately need them. Visualize your wireless networks easier than ever – and available in the Android marketplace very soon!

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  • Arkanox

    NICE !!

  • RadioGuy

    Been waiting for this! Great!

  • Natanaellej

    Keep up the good works guys!

  • slm4996

    I hope that you don’t limit this to tablet devices only, even with the smaller display a cell phone would still be great for logging for later review.

  • Hilton Travis

    Doubleplus good!  :)

  • javad pourhosaini

    a good app
    can u support any ver of andriod under 3.2

  • Mobius

    I’m ready to download onto Photon 4G. Got my dbx ready to go.
    Where’e the download URL?

  • Donaldjkramer+meta

    Can’t wait to download this!

  • Yyyy

    Where is the source code & APIs?????

  • Kjoconis

    When will this be available?

  • Kjoconis

    Will it work on Galaxy note SGH-i717?

  • Kjoconis

    whats the hold up

  • eug

    This is just what I was hoping for. I hope it hasn’t been abandoned!

  • Rene F Aguirre

    What devices will be supported?

  • Funguy

    I asked for this 3 years ago during a free training seminar you guys had. Really cool and can’t wait till it’s out. I will have to hold off on buying any new wireless stuff until after this comes out as I want to know what scanners will work with it or not. My Android tablet has both 5ghz and 2.4ghz radios just for wireless testing. This will get me one step closer to not need to carry my much heavier laptop around any longer.

  • Kjoconis

    Just curious if this will be out this year or next????? or there is anyone on the otherside of these post???

  • Allan Robinson

    Any ideas on a release date?

  • Breniii

    Coming soon was posted a year ago…vaporware…although I hope its not, I’ll buy a DBx tomorrow if its released.

  • RyanE

    When… :(