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    Hello all,

    I recently purchased Wi-Spy and am using the Chanalyzer 4 software. The organization I work for has medical care facilities that employ ceiling-mounted WAP's in order for their staff to use a prescription-related charting system that is hosted on our terminal servers. The facility is one floor, and the WAP's are installed (roughly) every 25 feet. The idea is that as a nurse travels from room to room (and down the hallways), their laptop will associate with the closest WAP. We have approximately eight other facilities with this type of setup and all work without severe issues. However, one facility in particular has been having extreme WiFi connectivity issues; particularly within a specific wing. The problems manifest themselves as extreme latency and frequent disconnects from the network. I left a laptop with Chanalyzer 4 running over the weekend in the aforementioned wing to get a (hopefully) more accurate reading over a long time period.

    The WAPS are on static channels, and I've made sure to stagger the channels so that it follows the 1-6-11-1-6-11 pattern. Each WAP broadcasts a private (for the nurses) and a public (for guests) SSID. Disabling the public WiFi has seem to clear some issues, however the staff are still having intermittent latency/disconnection. I will upload the file (or take screen shots as the file will be quite large) tomorrow after I leave work. Does anyone have any initial ideas/thoughts/suggestions? I realize it's difficult without the capture file but any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking too many WAP's and/or scaling down their signal strength so that there is less noise overall. Or perhaps setting them on auto-channel? I look forward to the responses. Thanks.

    - John

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    What other medical equipment is in the area of that wing? MRI, X-rays?

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    Hi John,
    I'm having the same issue with a small medical clinic in southeastern North Carolina,,, tried 3 different AP's, nothing seems to fix the disconnects, using medical records software across a wireless network. I have 2 AP's set as master and slave.. Did you fix or find a fix for your problem? Would like to know your


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