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Thread: How can I view the Networks Table?

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    Default How can I view the Networks Table?

    I recently purchased a WiSpy2.4x and downloaded Chanalyzer4, but I have been unable to view the network table. Inside the networks table tab I only see the message "Select Wi-Fi Adapter and click Start", but the adapter list shows "No Wi-Fi radios available".

    I am working on desktop running Windows 7, and I have a TPLINK TL-WA5210G router connected via a Linksys EG1032 v2 Network adapter. I also have the WLAN Autoconfig service enabled.

    So how can I get Chanalyzer4 to show me the Networks Table ?

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    Hello RRS,

    The way the Networks Table works in Chanalyzer is that it pulls the information it needs from your wireless card/adapter. So, in order to view this information, you will need to have a wireless network adapter plugged in to your desktop.


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    Hi RRS,

    Thank you for posting and reading about what may be going on before posting. Yes you are correct that you need WZC running. However your network interface is not a wireless network card, but an ethernet card. The WZC isn't going to show any available wireless networks because to it, there isn't any.

    I'm sure there are plenty of wireless networks available to track and all it will take is an additional wi-fi card. The Wi-Spy is designed to show non-wifi activity. Sometimes the noise readings from a spectrum analyzer are less useful, which is why we tie the network data using a wireless card with what the Wi-Spy sees. A USB wi-fi card should do the trick.


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