In 2005, while working on some cool short-range wireless technology, my old office had a single spectrum analyzer shared amongst a team of engineers. It was big, cumbersome, and expensive. I was tired of having the spectrum analyzer cart in my cubicle, so one night I started hacking some firmware and software to create the first Wi-Spy. Sure, it wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as the Agilent spectrum analyzer I had been using, but it was a lot smaller and easier to use, which was pretty cool. I figured maybe other people would think it was cool too… and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, MetaGeek is a small tight-knit team of folks (mostly geeks) that strive to create easy-to-use wireless troubleshooting tools.
- Ryan Woodings
Ryan Woodings,
Chief Geek,
As MetaGeek has grown, Ryan has worn a variety of hats. These days he spends most of his time managing the business (and sneaks some development time in too). As the Chief Geek, he sets the vision and fleshes out the road map, hires and retains talent, and make sure there is cash in the bank. Most of the year, Ryan rides his cruiser to work as part of the MetaGeek bike commuting team.
Brian Tuttle,
Geek Herder
Brian oversees our R&D process and acts as Scrum Master for the software development team. Sometimes they even let him write a little code! As the Geek Herder, he keeps the team on task to execute the roadmap and makes sure everyone has what they need to get the job done. He also leads new process development – having seen code grow from the beginning. To ensure that he doesn’t ever develop a personal life, he also occasionally writes device firmware and re-compiles Chanalyzer in his free time. Most importantly, he brews the coffee and runs the dishwasher.
Adam Morgan,
Architect, Geek Mentor
Adam bends software to his will, and everyone else tries to keep up. When he isn’t creating our next generation software or improving our development processes, Adam keeps busy by trying to persuade his fellow engineers to come do CrossFit with him in his garage. What can we say? The guy’s an animal. He’s the keeper of the software team’s tribal knowledge, and works on structural refactoring and process development when not crafting our beautiful code.
Mike Byce,
Mad Hacker
Mike brings a host of mad skills to the MetaGeek team. As one of our lead developers, he also handles all our front-line manufacturing tool issues, expertly navigating the connection between hardware process and software, and helps troubleshoot any issues that arise during the manufacturing cycle. He’s also writing a new server-side code base for a “soon to be released” product. Part of the bike commuting team, Mike clocked in an impressive amount of miles over the summer.
Ben Bower,
Ben is by far the quietest of all the geeks, hacking away at piles and piles of small changes and code fixes. When he’s not whacking down stray lines in the code with his silent kung-fu, he’s voluntarily sweeping up massive piles of tiny little bug fixes. Underneath his quiet demeanor is a daredevil skateboarder rolling around town whenever he has the chance.
Ashok Gelal,
Ashok is one of our “intern-turned-full time employees” – having just completed his degree in Computer Science at Boise State University. He is constantly learning and bringing new ideas to the team. Ashok is notorious for accepting projects and completing them way ahead of schedule and is often found coding open source projects.
Josh Nicks,
Tool Hacker
Josh works with the MetaGeek continuous integration build, unit testing, and coding standard enforcement tools, and investigates any new tools that might be needed on the team to streamline the development process. Josh has also been known to just dive in and build the tool himself when something custom is needed. In addition to all this, he works on all our applications with the rest of the development team. Josh likes to hike, camp, read, bike and do all kind of fun “normal” stuff with his wife and kids.
Vanessa Gertman,
Vanessa is the first woman to join the development team and holds her own in the code kitchen. She started out at Boise State thinking she wanted to study Math, but after taking an introductory CS class she went over to the dark side and decided to do both CS and Applied Math, graduating summa cum laude. Vanessa loves solving problems that she initially thought were impossible. In her freetime, she likes to read books which have nothing to do with computer science or math, and go swimming. Vanessa also owns way too many water bottles.
Jacob Strength,
Jacob started working for MetaGeek as an intern and just a few months later won Boise State University’s App-athon weekend coding challenge. We were very excited that he won, and that he gets to work with us – solving problems, developing solutions, and being creative in making our software better. Jacob is currently getting his degree in Computer Science at Boise State University and in his free time likes to hang out at the river in the summer and snowboard in the winter.
Rich Parker,
Rich is our resident IT brains. He makes sure the internal MetaGeek systems are functioning and optimized for the future. He also handles our QA process – developing the test plan and processes to keep MetaGeek products limited to the fewest amount of bugs possible. He also is our backup-backup technical support resource when Joel and Taylor are unavailable and manages our website on the server-side. Also, if you ask Rich, he absolutely “loves” to fix Mac problems!
Zach Curry,
Zach started working at MetaGeek part-time as a Quality Assurance Intern, and snuck in time at MetaGeek in between his Computer Science classes. Now, he works full-time on the development team, writing the code that crunches our analytics and financial data while sporting an uncanny Sean Connery fake accent (whether this is intentional or not, we do not know). Outside of Sean-Connery-Dev mode, Zach enjoys spending time with his young family and rocking out to Metalcore on his guitar.
Kevin Phillips,
Future Hacker
Kevin has always been passionate about the fields of programming and technology. When he isn’t dreaming about code, he is testing MetaGeeks software and pursuing a degree in Computer Science as part of his mission to understand how things work. He enjoys taking things apart to ‘fix’ them, and sometimes he even puts things back together again! During his free time, Kevin is looking for patterns, pondering paradoxes, and looking for new ways to apply his skills to everyday problems.
Jake Lakatos,
QA Intern
The title above is self-explanatory. If that description doesn’t satisfy then pay attention. Jake is a Senior at Boise High School that works in the front desk and does what ever is needed around the office whether that be creating quotes to un-zipping the office string cheese. Jake loves to judge people (not literally), he uses data that is able to be transmitted into labeling people off of what they bought and why into Personas. Aside from being a member of the MetaGeek community, Jake loves reading fantasy based novels, mastering video games and has a passion for playing baseball. With juggling everything on his plate he can pretty much do three things at the same time.
Billy Bowman,
QA Intern
Billy is currently pursuing a Computer Science degree at Boise State University and is one of our Quality Assurance interns. As a Quality Assurance intern, Billy tests the MetaGeek products to a make sure our customers only get the best products. Billy a is fan of both the Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks and enjoys attending Boise State Football and Basketball games. Outside of school and work, Billy enjoys snowboarding in the winter and cycling in the summer.
Marianna Budnikova,
Marianna’s passion for tackling challenges, starting with math problems and code bugs and ending with software design decisions, led her to pursue the art of programming. Marianna applies her creative spirit and love for code by helping MetaGeek make our software better. She is fishing up her Master’s thesis in Computer Science at Boise State and in her free time writes mobile apps, teaches community programming classes, cosplays and reads a lot of books.
John Fitzgerald,
QA Intern
As one of our quality assurance interns, John strives to help our talented team assure a high standard of quality in our products. He is pursuing his computer science degree at Boise State University, and hopes to one day contribute to something really cool and meaningful. When not busy with school or absorbed in MetaGeek Awesomeness, He is typically wasting time in some computer game or spending time with family and friends. He hopes to one day return to the baseball and softball fields he loved so much.
Ayrton Stout,
QA Intern
Ayrton is one of our QA testers, fresh out of the newest intern batch. It’s his job to make sure that everybody else isn’t accidentally breaking things. Ayrton found his calling for computer science when it allowed him to express ideas and think creatively despite a lack of artistic talent. When off the computer, Ayrton enjoys cycling, playing tennis, and long walks on the beach.
Stoney Tuckness,
Biz Dev
Stoney manages our sales initiatives – handling all of our accounts around the world. Our go-to guy for distributors and resellers, Stoney brings years of technical engineering and business development experience to the table, having previously helped a range of emerging to multi-national companies grow. With a background in computer science, he understands many of the finer details of technology and brings his expertise to navigate and improve our sales processes. When he’s not learning the latest about Wi-Fi Troubleshooting, you will probably find him fanatically rooting for the Boise State Bronco’s and San Francisco 49’ers football teams.
Lael Uberuaga-Rodgers,
Alliance Intelligence
Lael is the Channel Manager for MetaGeek, and oversees our partner and wholesale relationships around the world. Lael facilitates wholesale orders, helps get resellers trained up on MetaGeek gear, and makes sure they have all the marketing material they need to be successful. Outside of MetaGeek, Lael is a long-time member and PR director of Oinkari Basque Dancers and thinks that being Basque in Boise, Idaho is the coolest thing around. She loves coffee, traveling, Americana music, dogs, and riding her bike to work.
Joel Crane,
Human Interface
An all-purpose geek who loves to teach, Joel takes care of front line support and education for all of MetaGeek’s products. When the weather permits, Joel would rather ride his motorcycle to work. He has a ton of other geeky interests, including Linux, Android, and Twitter. He loves spending time with his wife and daughters, and also serves on the Board of Directors at Open Lab Idaho, a local community hackerspace.
Jay Bowen,
Marketing Director
Jay’s marketing and advertising experience began 17 years ago as a radio DJ and Music Manager in South Africa. She went on to graduate with her marketing degree from the London School of Marketing, then proceeded to manage and grow Fortune 500 clients around the world. Jay is highly adept in developing digital campaigns to generate interaction and grow traffic and engagement online. Having a huge passion for the tech industry, working for MetaGeek just seemed like the right fit. In her spare time Jay loves to trail run with her huskies or read any book she can get her hands on.
Mark Jensen,
Product Hacker
Mark handles our day-to-day business, sales and marketing tasks. He talks with customers, handles sales, facilitates product reviews, develops industry contacts, and helps us know how our products stack up to the competition. Mark also dives right into the manufacturing process with our development and operations teams, who together bring our future products into reality. Mark has his CWTS and is working on his CWNA to be even more of a “certified” Wi-Fi geek than he already is.
Taylor Bell,
There’s a running joke at the office in which people ask Taylor what he does at MetaGeek. He’s been involved with support, technical & copy writing, and user research, but usually begins with “Today I’m…” A lifelong autodidact, his formal academic background in Communication Theory and Computer Science is continuously being augmented by books, blogs, and screencasts. Taylor also acts as scrum-master for the Sales & Marketing team, and is designated note taker company wide. Outside of work, Taylor loves riding his bike, pinball, and doing the dishes.
Jason Haberman,
Web Artisan
Jason has been building user interfaces/websites for over 13 years for clients big and small. He is intent on delivering exceptional cross-browser compliant, pixel-perfect HTML/CSS work and maintaining the very face of MetaGeek on the web. Happily married with young twin daughters, he is a graduate of Boise State University and a huge football fan. He has not missed a home football game since he started school in 1992. Loves computers, technology, gadgets, movies, cooking (including BBQ), writing, and amateur photography.
Zach Dorsch,
Zach is what you might call an “idea guy”, which is what landed him on the MetaGeek marketing team. Prior to joining MetaGeek, Zach worked with national brands to implement local marketing automation software. Recently he became a member of the Boise State Venture College where he is working to gamify philanthropy. When Zach isn’t hard at work he usually can’t be found. That’s because he is likely trekking around in the Idaho back country or roaming the banks of a river with his fly rod.
Skay Woodings,
Financial Stuff
Skay takes care of the business financial details so the geeks can focus on what they do best – making great visualization hardware and software. She makes sure employees salary and benefits are handled seamlessly. She also gets the honor of paying all the office bills, organizes HR matters, and handles various contract details when they pop up. Skay is also notorious for making amazing treats that she brings in to share with the office.
Wen Olson,
Wen keeps the wheels of commerce rolling around MetaGeek. She leads our operations processes, manufacturing, and inventory control. She manages the flow and availability of all the third-party products we sell on our site. Wen also takes care of all the living plants in the office and loves to see “green” as part of the office decor. She keeps our office environment alive, literally!
Craig Johnson,
Master Control
Craig translates finance data for the geeks – handling budgets, forecasting, HR / benefit oversight, and general number crunching. With wide-ranging experience in accounting, finance, and human resources, he’s worked with medical, non-profit, and tech sector companies from start-ups to those with annual revenues of nearly $1 Billion. Craig received his MBA in 2008 from Boise State University with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and data analysis. In his free time, he enjoys reading and playing with air-cooled Volkswagens.
Sarah Jones,
Swiss Army Knife
Sarah doubles as both our front-line Customer Service and Office Manager. At the front desk, Sarah works with customers via phone, and email, creates quotes, processes orders, and dabbles in accounting. Wielding near-obsessive organizational skills, she also takes care of the Geeks’ travel arrangements, keeps the office stocked with snacks and supplies, negotiates with the HVAC guy, and plans events. Outside of MetaGeek, Sarah enjoys staying active with hot yoga, hiking up Table Rock, or going for a run on the greenbelt with her golden retriever. Sarah is an active member of the Grace Church of Christ, and does volunteer work at the Boise Rescue Mission’s City Light shelter for women and children.

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