Are you thinking about becoming a
MetaGeek partner?
Just so you know what you are getting yourself into – MetaGeek makes easy-to-use visualization tools for wireless spectrum and packet analysis. With Wi-Spy spectrum analyzers and Chanalyzer visualization software, we enable professionals to detect invisible interference and make wireless networks work better.
We also recently launched a first of its kind visual packet analysis troubleshooting tool called Eye P.A. The first step to understanding a Wi-Fi network, it transforms 802.11 .pcap files into color-coded multi-layered pie charts. Our visualization allows users to visually see trends and issues for quick network troubleshooting, as well as get analysis and tips on improving network performance.
Minimum first order quantity $10,000.
MetaGeek commits to its partners:
  • Product Discounts
  • Personal Service
  • Marketing Support
  • Unsaturated Partner Landscape
  • Knowledge You Need To Win In Your Markets

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