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MetaGeek Overview

Since 2005 MetaGeek’s industry-leading hardware and software have helped network professionals more efficiently deploy and maintain wireless networks. With a complete line of portable USB spectrum analyzers for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, more than 10,000 customers worldwide rely on MetaGeek solutions to isolate, identify, and troubleshoot wireless interference.


MetaGeek History

While working on short-range wireless technology in 2005, MetaGeek Founder Ryan Woodings grew tired of the cumbersome, cart-based spectrum analyzer shared amongst his engineer colleagues – so he decided to build a better solution.

After hacking the firmware of a wireless mouse USB dongle and writing some basic software, Ryan had created the industry’s first USB spectrum analyzer. A highly-portable alternative to expensive, bulky spectrum analyzers, Ryan thought other geeks around the world might be able to use his innovation. And the rest is history.

Today, after several generations of both hardware and software advancement, MetaGeek leads the spectrum analyzer and Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools industry. Recognized for innovation and affordability, MetaGeek remains a small, tight-knit team of folks (mostly geeks) that strives to create easy-to-use wireless troubleshooting tools.

Location:Boise, Idaho


Number of employees:22

Number of customers: Over 25,000

Key Products:
  • Wi-Spy USB Spectrum Analyzers
    • Wi-Spy DBX
    • Wi-Spy 2.4x
    • Wi-Spy 2.4i
    • Wi-Spy 900x
  • Chanalyzer Software Versions
    • Chanalyzer Pro
    • Chanalyzer 4
    • Chanalyzer Lite
    • Chanalyzer Lab
  • Device Finder Directional Antenna
    • Device Finder complements Wi-Spy to help track down interfering devices
  • Eye P.A. – Visual Packet Analysis
    • Using multi-layer piecharts, Eye P.A. is the first step in analyzing WLAN network issues
  • inSSIDer Software
    • An open source Wi-Fi scanner with more than two million downloads


    Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzers

    MetaGeek’s Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzers offer powerful performance with a USB form factor. More than 10,000 customers worldwide rely on Wi-Spy to isolate and troubleshoot wireless interference. Affordable and innovative, Wi-Spy spectrum analyzers lead the market in the 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

    • Wi-Spy DBx – Wi-Spy DBx is the flagship product of the Wi-Spy lineup and MetaGeek’s most versatile and powerful spectrum analyzer. Compatible with every Chanalyzer software variant, Wi-Spy DBx is the premier tool for Wi-Fi spectrum analysis.

    • Wi-Spy 2.4x – The workhorse spectrum analyzer for Wi-Fi, MetaGeek’s Wi-Spy 2.4x has become the industry standard for 2.4 GHz band troubleshooting. Packed with capability, versatility and portability, Wi-Spy 2.4x helps users isolate and mitigate RF interference and wireless setup problems.

    • Wi-Spy 2.4i – A straightforward, powerful spectrum analyzer for real-time troubleshooting of 2.4 GHz band interference. Like all Wi-Spy models, the 2.4i is easy to use, quick to set up, and small enough to fit in your pocket. Wi-Spy 2.4i sees all RF activity in the band, including Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi sources.

    • Wi-Spy 900x – The Wi-Spy 900x takes the field proven, no-hassle operation of Wi-Spy spectrum analyzers and brings it to the unlicensed 868 and 915 MHz bands.

    Chanalyzer Software Versions

    Chanalyzer software turns Wi-Spy data into highly interactive charts and graphs, allowing users to visualize their wireless landscape. Together Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer enable both enterprise and small business users to examine, troubleshoot and optimize wireless networks.
    • Chanalyzer Pro – Developed specifically for interference-busting professional users, Chanalyzer Pro is our most powerful software package and was designed for serious spectrum analysis of mission-critical wireless applications. Users enjoy the satisfaction of an optimized WLAN implementation thanks to Wi-Fi-specific troubleshooting and deployment features.

    • Chanalyzer 4 – The workhorse software for Wi-Spy 2.4x, 900x and DBx, Chanalyzer 4 has defined the wireless industry’s spectrum analyzer feature set and user interface. Whether you’re installing WLANs or engineering wireless devices, Chanalyzer 4 has the features you need to get the job done.

    • Chanalyzer Lab – Compatible with Wi-Spy 900x and 950x, as well as Wi-Spy DBx and 2.4x, Chanalyzer Lab lets you analyze the most popular unlicensed RF bands. This is ideal for developing wireless devices, testing equipment or working with other wireless applications.

    • Chanalyzer Lite – The accompanying software for Wi-Spy 2.4i spectrum analyzers, Chanalyzer Lite is an entry-level spectrum analysis tool. It helps casual users troubleshoot interference in real-time and tracks RF activity with three different visualizations.

    MetaGeek Accessories

    MetaGeek offers additional tools that complement the capabilities and functionality of the Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer product lines.
    • Device Finder Directional Antenna – With 7 dBi gain and 60 degree horizontal beamwidth, MetaGeek’s Device Finder Directional Antenna makes it easy to track down interfering devices. Developed in-house by resident MetaGeeks, Device Finder Directional Antenna was designed to match the exacting specifications of Wi-Spy DBx and Wi-Spy 2.4x.

    • inSSIDer – MetaGeek’s award-winning, open-source Wi-Fi scanner software, inSSIDer is an alternative to network scanners like NetStumbler. One big difference: inSSIDer works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and 64-bit PCs. Since 2007 geeks worldwide have downloaded over two million copies of this handy software tool.

    • Partner tools – MetaGeek partners with other leading hardware and software providers to offer users a complete line of wireless planning and troubleshooting solutions.


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    For more information about the MetaGeek hardware and software product lines,
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    MetaGeek, LLC
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