Professional Wi-Fi Tools

inSSIDer Office

Step 1 – Discover
  • Discover surrounding networks
  • Rate the health of your network
  • Spot potential channel congestion
Discover IT!

Wi-Spy + Chanalyzer 5NEW!

Step 2 – Diagnose
  • Diagnose the invisible with Wi-Spy
  • Quickly locate interference
  • Choose the best channel
  • Wi-Fi spectrum analysis
  • Supports Cisco CleanAir®
Diagnose IT!

Eye P.A. + AirPcap Nx

Step 3 – Optimize
  • Optimize your Wi-Fi settings
  • Improve throughput and capacity
  • Identify client issues
  • Wi-Fi packet analysis

Optimize IT!

Map & Plan

Site Survey Tools
  • Create signal strength heatmaps
  • Design Wi-Fi for multiple floor buildings
  • Create and export reports

Plan IT!

Other Products

inSSIDer 4

  • Wi-Fi scanner for personal use
  • Get a snapshot of your Wi-Fi environment
  • See security level of your network

inSSIDer has a new home!

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Chanalyzer Lab

  • Test and measure RF signals
  • Replace the large clunky spectrum analyzer
  • Complete control over spectrum analyzer settings

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