Chanalyzer for Mac

Chanalyzer for Mac is a native OSX application which provides the beautiful displays of the RF spectrum from portable USB Wi-Spy.

This tool combines the power of your built-in wireless NIC with a spectrum analyzer to quickly detect interference and choose the best Wi-Fi or ZigBee channel. Chanalyzer for Mac gives you the basic spectrum analysis functionality you need without the need to boot into Windows.

The visualizations Chanalyzer provides are aligned by frequency to help the newest of users understand spectrum analysis. Whether you’re flying RC planes or installing a home theater, Chanalyzer has the features you need

Download Chanalyzer for Mac and use with the Popular Science nominated “Must-Have” Wi-Spy.

With Chanalyzer for Mac and Wi-Spy
  • Find and Identify all sources of Interference
  • Identify Wi-Fi Channels in Networks Graph
  • View a single channel in high resolution
  • Record / Playback Wi-Fi and Spectrum Data
  • See Spectrum data in 3D
  • Wi-Fi Network Table

    Use your existing wireless card to add
    Wi-Fi overlays on top of the spectrum data.

    Color by Amplitude

    This color scheme ties the data from the density and waterfall views together.

    Color by Utilization

    Color by Utilization

    Easily spot the most congested parts
    of the spectrum.

    Waterfall View

    Waterfall View

    Use this historical amplitude to track interference down.

    3D View

    3D View

    This combines the real-time amplitude
    levels with the waterfall view.


    Markers in Chanalyzer for Mac

    Monitor specific frequencies with
    customizable markers.

    Features of Chanalyzer for Mac

    • Watch real-time Wi-Fi and Non-Wi-Fi RF activity
    • View Networks Table (Channel, RSSI, MAC, Security details)
    • Includes a real-time 3D View
    • Use with Wi-Spy 2.4, DBX, 900x


    • Wi-Spy USB-based Spectrum Analyzer (connected)
    • Mac OSX 10.7 or greater (Intel Only)
    • USB 2.0 Port (or greater)