Ekahau Site SurveyTM (ESS)

Wi-Fi Planning and Verification

Built for wireless professionals, IT managers, and administrators, Ekahau Site Survey is an easy-to-use design, verification and troubleshooting tool for any Wi-Fi network. Ekahau Site Survey ensures high performance and capacity (BYOD) for any Wi-Fi network that is used for VoIP, video, location tracking, or high-speed data. If you’re planning to install a Wi-Fi network, ESS will automatically suggest access point placement and optimal configurations for planning a new network. If you already have a Wi-Fi deployment in place, ESS allows for quick and easy site surveys, performance and capacity analysis, optimization, and troubleshooting.

Hybrid Site Surveys

During a single, quick walkthrough, ESS conducts passive and active tests. In other words, ESS simultaneously measures and maps Wi-Fi airspace and end-to-end connectivity. This means getting more on-site work done in a shorter time. During the survey, ESS also discovers all the audible access points in the area and automatically locates them. Ekahau Site Survey is capable of 3D planning 802.11ac, as well as 802.11a/b/g/n.

Troubleshoot and Simulate

With ESS you will spot unseen network problems and be able to fix broken or misconfigured access points, find undetected rogue access points, and discover coverage holes.

ESS provides two main methods for troubleshooting:
  • On-the-spot troubleshooting, where the network is tested and analyzed in real time
  • Post-survey troubleshooting, where ESS shows a map of detected problems and issues

Both methods of troubleshooting take advantage of the simultaneous passive and active surveys.

When paired with Wi-Spy, Ekahau Site Survey allows you to detect and analyze the impact that non-Wi-Fi interference sources (such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, wireless video cameras and motion detectors) have on your wireless network.

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