Eye P.A. + AirPcap Nx

Make your Wi-Fi AWESOME

Now with 802.11ac support!

Feed your packet capture into Eye P.A. and let the magic happen.

— Tom Hollingsworth, NetworkingNerd.com


Quickly examine your 802.11 network and get expert tips to help optimize your Wi-Fi network. Eye P.A.’s innovative visualizations shows you at a glance who’s taking up all of the air time, who is using legacy 802.11b data rates, and many other powerful insights that will help you tune up your Wi-Fi network.

Eye P.A. + AirPcap Nx will help you:
  • Optimize network throughput and capacity
  • Identify “slow talkers”
  • Measure WLAN network retransmission

See trends and problems

Packet analysis used to involve sorting through thousands of lines of text and guessing where problems lie. Rather than leave you to slog through pages of tables, Eye P.A. does all of the heavy lifting for you, by providing quick and powerful filters that slice and dice the packets any way you want.

At the heart of Eye P.A. are multi-layered, interactive pie charts called “treepies”. Treepies graphically display overall utilization for the total amount of air time, total packets, and total bytes present in a .pcap file. Understanding the Wi-Fi traffic flow is as easy as reading a few pie charts.

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Go into detail with the Packets Tab

In Eye P.A.’s Packets Tab, you’ll find a table that breaks down the packet traffic in your capture as it happened. Being able to see the RSSI, Data Rate, and other specific packet-level details provides even more insight into the cause of a WLAN’s problems. Just like with the treepies, the packets table will update to reflect whatever filters and timespan you’ve set. You can also customize the columns to only show what you’re interested in.

Analyze with built-in tips

After you select the network you’re interested in optimizing, Eye P.A. identifies potential network issues and suggests improvements based on its packet inspection of protection mechanisms, legacy data rates, encryption, and channel placement. Eye P.A. then suggests steps you can take to ensure your Wi-Fi deployment is of the highest quality possible.

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AirPcap Nx Support

Eye P.A. has integrated support for AirPcap Nx, the best USB-based packet capture device for the Windows platform. Easy-to-deploy, this unique dual-band offering supports full packet capture for 802.11 a/b/g/n, featuring 2×2 MIMO with internal antennas or using external antennas via integrated MC-Card connectors for enhanced performance in the most demanding environments.

Eye P.A. is great for visualizing what is going on in the air

— Keith Parsons, CWNE #3, Wireless LAN Professionals

software only

Analyze packet captures to visualize network congestion and optimize throughput.




  • Eye P.A.

software + hardware

Directly capture packets for analysis in Eye P.A. using the bundled AirPcap Nx packet adapter.




  • Eye P.A.
  • AirPcap Nx

Diagnose &

Locate and identify interference sources. Visualize network conversations to quickly identify network congestion. All you need for spectrum and packet analysis in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.



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