inSSIDer for Mac

Scan the Wi-Fi networks around you and track their signal strength over time.

inSSIDer scans all the Wi-Fi networks within the reach of your computer’s wireless card, tracks their signal strength over time, and determines their security settings. Track open or secure wireless networks. Determine the best channel for your own wireless network.

Use the Networks Table to view all nearby access points and their details.

See Received Signal Strength, Security, Channel, Hardware Vendor, Max Rate, Network Type, and MAC Address for each access point. The columns in inSSIDer’s network table can be reordered by dragging its header to the desired position. Each column can also be resorted by clicking the header.

Use the Time Graph to view the strength of nearby access points.

Click on any network listed in the table and the associated time graph line below will become bold, helping you identify a single network amongst many.

Simple, Easy to Use Interface

Quick Wi-Fi Tracking

Scalable Time Graph Window

Full-Screen View

Screenshot of inSSIDer for Mac